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Personal health budgets in NHS Continuing Healthcare – end of year review
Embedding personal health budgets (PHB) as the default delivery model for NHS Continuing Healthcare has been a priority area of focus for CCGs this year. This follows the publication of a letter by NHS England on 1st May 2018 which outlined expectations for PHBs to be the default delivery model for home care packages by 1st April 2019, excluding Fast Track and Children and Young People’s Continuing Care.

A number of CCGs are already at default, and we will be sharing information in a variety of formats early in 2019 to illustrate how they have achieved this. The number of people in receipt of a PHB from NHS CHC continues to increase, with Q2 data indicating that 9,655 people are benefitting from increased choice and control and a more personalised experience of care and support.

The PHB team has delivered a range of events to support CCGs with their plans for default, with an emphasis on recovery planning, budget setting, personalised care and support planning, audit and governance, delegation of healthcare tasks, and bespoke and regional CHC/PHB masterclasses, which have been attended by over 900 delegates.

The next suite of events will focus on Quality Improvement for the end to end PHB process. These regional events will take place between January – March as an extension to existing regional network events.

Bespoke support for CCGs/CHC teams can be arranged by contacting your PHB regional lead. CCGs that take advantage of this offer will be asked to complete a detailed PHB default checklist, resulting in a tailored offer of support and development of a local action plan to enable progress towards the default expectation.

Personal wheelchair budgets – review of 2018
Throughout 2018, we saw some brilliant outcomes for people via a personal wheelchair budget using a personalised approach to support integration and improve outcomes for people.

The quote below, from Martin, is a fresh example (the full case study being published in the new year); his personal wheelchair budget exceeded the outcomes set for it:

"this morning this wall was just a wall. Because of my new chair, I was able to complete this project this morning on my own. Two weeks ago, I could not have achieved this.

There are not only physical advantages of having the right chair and being able to do more independently. The mental lift of a little independence cannot be ignored. " - Martin

The recently published Disabled Facilities Grant independent review recognises the opportunities of personal health budgets and uses Dylan’s personal wheelchair budget experience to highlight the report’s recommendation that ‘The DFG is included in personal budgets to provide solutions that meet people’s own goals.’

The events below are planned in the new year to support areas who are yet to transition, and are the first element of our support for personal wheelchair budgets through 2019.

Forthcoming events
Events to support local transition to personal wheelchair budgets
NHS England is providing four free events to support CCGs to transition to Personal Wheelchair Budgets (PWBs) as part of the local personal health budget offer.

These will provide practical support and will be delivered primarily by PWB mentors, including commissioners, personal health budget leads, clinicians and contract leads. Visit the learning network for dates and locations.

Don’t miss out on our default CHC events on Quality and Finance, Commissioning and Contracting
These events will feature separate morning and afternoon workshops:

Improving Quality for CHC PHBs by default – Supporting the move towards the requirement for PHBs to be the default delivery mechanism in NHS CHC from 1 April.  This session will be appropriate for anyone working within CHC, CC for children or any other area where PHBs are being offered, including providers.

Finance, commissioning and contracting for PHB growth – Specialist support to help colleagues co-produce local plans to achieve their PHB growth ambitions.

  • 17 January, Cambridge - Quality (AM) Finance (PM)
  • 24 January, Birmingham - Quality (AM) Finance (PM)
  • 13 Febuary, London - Finance (PM) Quality (AM) 
  • 7 March, Leeds - Finance (PM) Quality (AM)
  • 13 March, Durham - Finance (PM) Quality (AM)
  • 14 March, Gatwick - Finance (PM) Quality (AM)
  • 20 March, Manchester - Finance (PM) Quality (AM)
  • 21 March, Reading - Finance (PM) Quality (AM)
  • 11 April, London - Quality (AM) Finance (PM)
  • 4 June, London  - Quality (AM) Finance (PM)
Please contact your regional lead for more information

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