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100% submission for Q2 data
Thank you to everyone involved in data submission in CCGs; we have now received and are analysing the Q2 personal health budgets data but know already that we have had 100% submission for this quarter, which is really excellent. We are also confident that the total number of personal health budgets will exceed where we were at Q4 of 2017/18. This reflects all the work that has been happening in CCGs and providers to support the rollout of personal health budgets as the default for CHC home care packages and also the wider rollout of Personal Wheelchairs Budgets.

This is an excellent milestone for the spread of personal health budgets, which we know have a real impact on the quality of experience and outcomes for budget holders and their families. 


Survey to plan support for next year
As we start to design the support offer for next year, we would really welcome your feedback on the NHSE support that you have found most useful in progressing PHBs in your local area and any areas that we haven’t covered that you feel would be helpful.

Please complete the short survey to provide us with this feedback.

Personal health budgets in NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC)
We are in the process of refreshing the delivery support offer for PHBs in CHC, to supplement the existing regional events and workshops. This revised offer of support will include 1:1 recovery planning sessions, one day masterclasses, webinars, podcasts and a regular FAQ update. Further details will be available shortly.

In the meantime, regional PHB teams will be gathering information on the number of people in receipt of a home care package from CHC.

This information is not currently available through any of the national data collections and will help build a picture of how many PHBs we can expect to be delivered as CCGs work towards the default PHB expectation.

PHB leads and CHC managers will be contacted over the coming weeks with a request to supply local numbers – your support with this is greatly appreciated.

PHBs for section 117
Our mental health team continues to develop the s117 PHB offer through the Development Programme.  The aim is to bring sites together, including demonstrator and mentor sites, to support and learn from each other and to develop tools and resources to aid the wider implementation of PHBs for people eligible for s117 aftercare.

We developed three workshops through which each site is self-assessing their current position and action planning to get to the next stage. The principles of co-production and personalisation are key features of the programme and we are embedding these within the support we offer. The workshops have covered Policy, Process, Comms and Personalised Care and Support Planning. The final day will cover Workforce and Governance.

Through feedback from what works well and what doesn’t, we are developing a self-assessment tool, a project planning tool and resources used by sites e.g. case studies, stories and assessment tools. Sites involved in the programme are enthusiastic and keen to move forward with their s117 offer.

All of the resources will be added to the Learning Network in December.

For more information please contact:

Jayne Moran
07702 405 636

Dylan's Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB) film is now live
Patience Young from Hull CCG and NHS England have pulled together Dylan's PBW film. The film shows how his PWB allowed him to live independently for the first time and attend university. Hear how this personalised approach delivered what matters to Dylan and provided efficiencies to the wider system.

This film follows Dylan's story as he arrives to collect his new chair.

Also read Patience’s blog about her experience as the commissioner on the NHS England website.

We have Dylan’s consent to use it more widely, so please disseminate it across disability groups and networks locally to build awareness of PWBs and include it in your presentations.

Spotlight on the Peer Leadership Academy – Keith Smith’s story
My name is Keith Smith and I have Motor Neurone Disease. It’s a usually terminal, rapidly progressing, degenerative disease. Well over 60% of people diagnosed die within 14 months. It’s a horrendous death, all the muscles wasting away and eventually the breathing muscle (diaphragm) stops working and we die. Around 85% of people die within three years and only a very small percentage live beyond 5 years.
I have consistently beaten the prognoses because the care I get is personalised and has one goal - keeping me alive, healthy, independent and nourished, both physically and mentally.
It’s safe to say that without a personal health budget and Continuing Health Care, I would have died several years ago. What best describes my experience of having a PHB? Simple really, life, and having the support to squeeze every last drop of living, out of however much time I have left.

Toolkit to help you communicate about personal health budgets
The Personalised Care Group has developed a communications toolkit to support your work across the whole local health and social care economy, including patients.

As well as giving you a clear narrative and consistent messaging about PHBs, it has helpful guidance on stakeholder mapping, communications planning and channels available to you.

You can find the communication toolkit in the resources section of the Learning Network.

Free Skills for Care events: supporting PHB holders who employ their own PAs
If you support PHB holders who employ their own personal assistants (PAs), or want to find out more about this option, come along to a free Skills for Care event.

The events will share best practice and offer the opportunity to network with other people in the sector. Each event will be specific to your local area, but may cover topics such as recruiting PAs, the latest on ‘sleep in’s’ and learning and development opportunities.

Find out more about your local events, and book your place here.

  • Wednesday 14 November – Cambridge
  • Thursday 13 December – Liverpool
  • Thursday 10 January – Leicester
  • Wednesday 16 January – Birmingham
  • Wednesday 23 January – Somerset
  • Tuesday 19 February – Doncaster
  • Wednesday 27 February - Durham
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