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New toolkit to help you communicate about personal health budgets
The Personalised Care Group has developed a communications toolkit to support your work across the whole local health and social care economy, including patients.

As well as giving you a clear narrative, it has helpful guidance on stakeholder mapping, communications planning and channels available to you.

You can find the communication toolkit in the resources section of the Learning Network.

New personal health budget case studies
These newly published personal stories will help you illustrate the value of personal health budgets, to the individual themselves, those around them and the wider system:

  • Margaret’s arresting story shows how her brother’s PHB has made a difference for him, his family and the NHS.
  • Colin Royle explains what a difference a PHB meant to his father (with early onset dementia) and the whole family.
  • Neil’s blog tells how personalising the care of his disabled son has led him to the Peer Leadership Academy, and gives a personal perspective on partnership working and integration of services.
Expo 2018
This year’s NHS Expo is 5 and 6 September 2018 in Manchester.

James Sanderson, will be hosting a session on ‘Next steps for extending the legal rights to personal health budgets’, featuring Colin Royle’s lived experience and Ian McCreath from Alzheimer’s Society with his perspective on personalising care. This is on Thursday 6 September 2018 at 10.45am, Pop Up University 1.

We have also obtained an additional slot – Professor Alf Collins will be speaking on ‘Securing the future of the NHS by providing a whole population approach to Personalised Care’, on Wednesday 5 September at 10am on the joint NHS England and NHS Improvement stand.

Our other sessions on Wednesday are:

  • How digital apps delivering significant savings in personal health budgets and more, Health Tech Zone, Teva Theatre, 9.30 am – with Deputy Director Nicola Kay and our digital lead Richard Pantlin.
  • From Chelsea Feelgood Garden to social prescribing – how do we broaden our offer for mental health and wellbeing? 2.15pm, Theatre 4 with James Sanderson.
  • The Future of Personalised Care – how integrated care systems can ensure a better deal for the people they serve. 5.15pm, Future NHS stage. This is our main stage session with James Sanderson and Jon Rouse, Chief Officer of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.
Please keep an eye out for further announcements on our group Twitter accounts, @Pers_Care and @NHSPHB.

How to check a therapist’s accreditation
Here is a helpful link that pulls together all the bodies recognised by the Professional Standards Authority for accrediting therapies. This is useful for you to support applications for therapeutic support through personal health budgets.

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