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  • Personal health budgets guide: Setting budgets for NHS Continuing Healthcare
    Key resource - Added on 24/04/2012
    "A guide to setting personal health budgets for people who are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare" has been published by the Department of Health's personal health budgets delivery team, for people working in the NHS who are implementing personal health budgets. This good practice guide explains how to decide the amount of a personal health budget; and how budget-setting fits within the principles of personal health budgets for people in receipt of NHS Continuing Healthcare.
  • Personal health budgets and NHS Continuing Healthcare discussion paper
    Key resource - Added on 27/01/2012
    This document is a discussion paper which explores personal health budgets for people receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC). It will be of interest to healthcare professionals who have a role in NHS CHC or are considering the future implementation of personal health budgets, and is the first of a number of informative documents on the subject.
  • Personal health budget stories from NHS staff
    Resource - Added on 03/07/2013
    Holly's storyHolly Squires is a manager for NHS Continuing Healthcare at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. She and her team of 15 work with 60 adults with high level care needs who, when offered, chose to have a personal health budget.
  • Personal health budgets 'Update' Winter 2012
    Resource - Added on 23/11/2012
    The bumper Winter 2012 edition of 'Update', the personal health budgets information sheet, has been published - including all the news about national rollout of the policy across the NHS. This edition includes:Headline story: Personal health budgets to roll out following pilot evaluation Government response to the evaluation New good practice toolkit for NHS health and social care practitioners, and stories from the pilot Download the toolkit and watch the stories via the links below.
  • In Control report: personal health budgets for NHS Continuing Healthcare
    Resource - Added on 08/10/2012
    A paper has been published by In Control highlighting the 10 features an effective process for personal health budgets for NHS Continuing Healthcare. The paper was funded by the North West Transition Alliance and produced in partnership with NHS North West.
  • "What do I need to know about NHS Continuing Healthcare?" Information for families of people with learning disabilities
    Resource - Added on 03/07/2012
    "What do I need to know about NHS Continuing Healthcare?" provides information for families of people with learning disabilities about the scope and process of NHS Continuing Healthcare, together with possible implications and questions they may want to ask. The booklet includes information about personal health budgets.
  • Clarifying joint financing arrangements: A briefing paper for health bodies and local authorities, Audit Commission
    Resource - Added on 21/08/2009
    This is a report from the Audit Commission to help local authorities clarify joint finance arrangements. The Audit Commission are expected to publish a second national report on joint financing across health and social care this autumn.
  • Using Person Centred Thinking in Continuing Health Care
    Resource - Added on 17/08/2009
    Continuing health care can be a real challenge for nurses, but a team in Wiltshire are using person centred thinking tools to help care manage patients and meet their health needs in a more personalised way. This case study describes how to use the different tools to address a number of everyday challenges.

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