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First interim personal health budgets evaluation report by PHBE

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Added: 16/07/2010
Updated: 03/06/2011

The first independent interim evaluation report on the personal health budgets pilot programme, "Early experiences of implementing personal health budgets", has been published by the PSSRU-led independent evaluation team, PHBE on 15 July 2010.

Based on interviews with project leads, the report highlights some of the challenges the pilots face and how they are beginning to overcome them.

The main challenges identified include:

  • setting the size and scope of the personal health budget, and funding them;
  • the care planning process, and supporting people through it;
  • linking together health and social care;
  • developing the market, so that genuine choices are available to people; and
  • managing the cultural change required.

The report can be downloaded from the PHBE website or via the link below.