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Patients take part in first listening exercise

Added: 28/04/2011

More than 30 patients met Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Care Services Minister Paul Burstow and Future Forum Chair Steve Field at the first listening event, held this morning.

During a 45 minute meeting patients from the area around Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London raised a wide variety of issues and spoke frankly about their concerns and questions around modernisation of health and social care.

Questions included:

  • how will personal health budgets impact on local services?
  • why is sharing health records with other hospitals so difficult?
  • will the services with less demand but a higher cost be the first to be cut?
  • how will the needs of all types of health and social care user be represented at all levels of the new system?
  • patients find it difficult to navigate the system for health and social care, so how can Government understand it?

Other comments included:

  • there hasn't been enough consultation about proposed changes
  • GPs cannot be responsible for commissioning specialist services
  • there is a risk that patient engagement and involvement will be lost in reform

'I've learnt a lot today about how the public feel about our changes to the NHS,' said Nick Clegg. 'I'm confident that by taking this chance to pause and really engage with staff and patients, we can ensure that we modernise the NHS to improve the health service for everyone.'

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said: 'The work that Professor Steve Field and the other members of the NHS Future Forum have undertaken to reflect on our plans to modernise the NHS will be invaluable in ensuring they deliver the benefits for patients we want to achieve.'